Terms of Use – Meeting Rooms

Please read the below terms and conditions carefully.

  1. After the booking is confirmed, the starting time can be preponed, and the ending time can be postponed as per availability. However, starting time cannot be postponed and ending time cannot be preponed. And once booked, the booking cannot be canceled.
  2. Any harm to the property or the infrastructure is to be borne by the person booking the meeting room.
  3. We give 10 minutes complimentary in addition to the booking time, which can be used before or after the booking. A minute over that will be charged as a complete hour.
  4. For all the advance bookings at Mstoic Tech Park, we will need complete payment in advance. Only after receiving the payment, the booking will be marked as confirmed.
  5. Of late, power cuts are getting frequent in our area. We don’t have power backup for Air Conditioners as of now. For other electric appliances, we have adequate backup for up to 4 hours.
  6. To authenticate our members, every person connecting to our WiFi has to go through a one-time signup process, which requires sharing their name, email address, mobile number, and the OTP received on it.
  7. A valid government issued ID proof with photograph, and two photographs are required from the person booking our facility.
  8. We try to provide download speed up to 5Mbps to laptop devices, and 1Mbps to mobile devices. Since the internet service is provided by third-party vendors, we never guarantee the speed or the uninterrupted service.
For any query or to make a booking, please call the office reception at 88000 00363